SME Law Firms

The LEAP client Journey

SME Law Firms Consultation | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

1. Consultation

Our SME consultants are experienced in introducing change and demonstrating a return on investment to all key stakeholders within your practice. Managing the expectation of your firm and preparing the practice for a smooth transition.

SME Law Firms Project Management | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

2. Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager will be on hand to guide you every step of the way, working alongside a representative from your practice ensuring the project is delivered in budget and on time.

SME Law Firms Transition | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

3. Transitioning your Data and Documents

Our experienced data specialists are on hand to migrate your data files from your current system into LEAP. Conducting over 15 data migrations a week you can rest assured your transition is being handled by the best in the business. The team can convert data from a number of existing providers.

SME Law Firms Implementation | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

4. Implementation

Our experienced team work with you to ensure the whole installation process runs smoothly and as a business, you hit the ground running with minimal disruption.

SME Law Firms Support & Education | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

5. Support and Education

We provide access to support online, via our 'chat' facility or by logging an incident with our support consultants. LEAP also provides learning opportunities via educational webinars and training videos. Visit LEAP Community for further information.

SME Law Firms Client Success | LEAP Legal Software Ireland

6. Client Success

Encouraging our client's usage of LEAP, once your installation and training has taken place our client success team are on hand to ensure you are fully benefitting from all features that LEAP has to offer.

Why SME law firms are choosing to partner with LEAP

As an ambitious SME law firm your continued capacity for growth is essential. However, as you grow it is imperative your legal practice remains organised and your fee earners managed effectively.

Through advanced productivity tools and automation LEAP allows you to do this, streamlining processes within your practice and enabling you to manage your business and matters more efficiently, productively and profitably.

LEAP’s investment of €9 million each year into research and development provides law firms with access to the very latest innovative technology, optimising efficiencies and improving organisation throughout the business. It is this commitment to development that makes LEAP the ideal long term partner for future proofing your law firm.

Streamline your practice

  • Provide your practice with mobility, your solicitors can work from anywhere, anytime via any device
  • Simplify your IT requirements and lower your support costs (No servers necessary)
  • Maximise your profit by accurately recording and charging for previously missed billable time
  • 24/7 access to a library of up to date legal forms and precedents all automated for quick document production
  • Monitor your law firm’s performance and progress with real-time reporting
  • Improve collaboration, allow your solicitors to work from one system, access the same real-time matter information and prevent errors and duplication of workload