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Committed to delivering cutting-edge and intelligent legal software solutions, LEAP's dedicated team of specialist developers present innovative AI solutions that automate routine tasks, simplify document management, and enhance decision-making, allowing lawyers to do what they do best — practise law.

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One version of the truth

LEAP provides a completely integrated practice management and accounting software for law firms in a single application. The software offers advanced productivity features that streamlines the way lawyers work helping them to produce documents, work remotely, organise files, record time and manage client accounting and billing.

"It's so easy to use"

Elaine Byrne explains how easy LEAP's user-friendly case management system is so easy to use that any new member of the team can use it seamlessly and does not require specific previous experience of LEAP, allowing them to focus on fee-earning work.

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About LEAP

LEAP is dedicated to developing legal software in order to improve the efficiency, productivity, profitability and service of law firms.

Utilising the full capabilities of the cloud, LEAP's highly innovative features provide everything needed to run a legal practice working across the common areas of law.


Freedom to work anywhere

Work is no longer a place but an activity with LEAP.

As a cloud-based solution, lawyers have the freedom to stay connected and access highly productive technology and real-time information from anywhere and from any device.

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Developed with solicitors in mind

Investing over €15 million a year into research and development. LEAP works closely with law firms to deliver cutting-edge, feature-rich, yet affordable technology to meet, and often exceed, their evolving needs.

Today in Ireland and the UK alone, over 23,000 legal professionals and over 2,700 law firms use LEAP.


Helping law firms to make the switch

Join over 400 law firms in Ireland and enjoy all of the benefits of LEAP’s practice management system.

Thanks to our partnership with eXpd8, migrating data and information between systems is straightforward, our experienced transition teams will work with you to ensure you are set up correctly.

If you are currently an eXpd8 user, please find out more here.

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