Document automation software for law firms

Up-to-date and highly integrated legal forms and precedents allow law firms to work smarter, not harder.

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Produce legal documents with ease

Input matter information once into your electronic matter and have it populate automatically into all your documents, including LEAP’s library of 1,500+ official legal forms.

An experienced team keeps the library up-to-date, saving you time, repetition of work and unnecessary mistakes.

Making document production simple.

Automation Content - esignatures

Easy to use eSignature solution

Use eSignatures to securely send any document generated from LEAP to be electronically signed. Simply place a field where the recipient needs to sign, then send securely via LawConnect. An InfoTrack account is required.

Once complete, the final signed document and a DocuSign certificate is saved back to the matter as a PDF, along with a cost recovery which can be invoiced to your client.


The Document Customisation Engine

The Document Customisation Engine allows you to custom-tailor LEAP Forms & Precedents and to utilise the power of automation in your own documents. Create precedents to your exact needs, then automatically populate them with your case information.

The Document Customisation Engine is included with LEAP. It is available for instant use from Word, Outlook and Excel.


Automated document preparation

Using pre-populated merge fields your matter details can be applied to the documents when generated. The solution will also automatically calculate legal rates and charges and apply these to the automation of documents where appropriate.


Latest rates and calculations applied

Our dedicated team of content specialists work tirelessly to provide legal content that is relied upon daily including updates to matter types, content, complex documents and the latest legal rates and charges.

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Tailor made solution

The LEAP App Marketplace offers a wide range of quality apps that add functionality and features to LEAP matters, cards and more. Complementing our core product, this evolving suite of specialist applications built for specific legal processes helps tailor your solution to your areas of law.

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Automated legal content

  • Automate documents to ensure consistency and minimise errors

  • Manage documents and e-mails with seamless Microsoft Office integration

  • Create and customise your firm’s own letters and precedents

  • View, edit and save documents from the LEAP Mobile App

  • Pre-configured matter types

  • Extensive in-built library of up-to-date legal forms and documents

Legal Document Management - Collaboration

Serve your clients

Deliver 24/7 client service with an online payment portal, appointment scheduling facility and document collaboration tool.

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Legal Document Management - Remote working

Work remotely

Work on your matters effectively from home and on the go as though you are working from your office.

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Accounting & billing

Fully integrated legal accounting software, manages all aspects of client accounting with ease.

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