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LEAP appoints Shane Branagan as Ireland CEO

January 29, 2024


LEAP has appointed Shane Branagan as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for its operations in Ireland. As the largest independent provider of software to law firms globally, LEAP is strategically positioning itself for growth in the Irish market under Shane's leadership. Shane will also continue to oversee Thread Software within his new role, leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge in the legal software field. Shane, who is already responsible for accelerating growth in the use of technology amongst legal professionals across Ireland is optimistic about the positive impact LEAP will have on the future success of the firms it serves.

Shane emphasises, "From my experience all law firms encounter new opportunities and challenges, which can be effectively addressed with LEAP solutions. From automating daily tasks to enhancing cash flow and managing risks, LEAP empowers law firms to increase profitability, productivity, and maintain the delivery of outstanding service. By partnering with the right technology solution, firms can future-proof and expand their practices, adapting to and even capitalising on the ever-changing legal landscape."

Having worked in legal software for many years, Shane reflects on significant the changes he has witnessed in the market.

“Across Ireland I’ve observed a real shift in the adoption of technology over the last decade. While firms once reluctantly embraced technology, there is now a growing desire to fully embrace its potential. Despite the current global challenges in politics, economics, and society, I admire the resilience of law firms, many of which rely on innovative technology as the solution to their longevity and future success. Working alongside the fantastic team here at LEAP, I commit further to driving development and delivering innovation to support law firms needs.”

“LEAP is a company with the vision and the people to transform the way legal services are delivered in Ireland and it’s a privilege to have been appointed in order drive innovation and efficiencies across the legal services market.”

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