The key features of LEAP

Unique to the legal software market LEAP provides everything you need to run a law firm.

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Case management

Providing a completely integrated practice management solution in a single application, LEAP's advanced case management features include advanced matter management, automated document production, time recording and billing.

With all client information and correspondence stored in a single electronic matter, data is centralised, updated in real-time and accessible from any device available to those that need it.

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Mobile working

LEAP makes it easy to work on your matters whether you’re working from home, attending court or out meeting clients.

The LEAP mobile app ensures you maintain productivity when away from the office providing the ability to send emails, create time entries and view documents on-the-go.


Time, accounting & reporting

Effortless time recording, invoicing and reporting allow you to capture billable time accurately to maximise your profit.

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Automation and content

Having inputted your client and case information once into your matter the details are automatically merged each time you generate a new document avoiding repetition of work and unnecessary mistakes. Making document production simple.

Up-to-date and highly integrated legal forms and precedents allows law firms to work smarter, not harder.

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Client service

Through self-service technology LEAP helps clients and their lawyers to respond to enquiries, manage appointments and access, collaborate and shared documents securely in real-time.

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LEAP occupies a unique position in the legal software market as it includes traditional practice management and legal accounting attributes, document assembly and management, as well as many of the traditional legal publishing assets all in one solution.

  • Case management

  • Mobile capabilities

  • Time recording

  • Integrated accounting

  • Reporting

  • Automated content

  • Secure document sharing

  • Self-serve client portal