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4 ways to reboot your legal practice

Effective modern technology is absolutely the most efficient way for firms to create lasting positive change. It is no good marketing and selling your practice and then delivering non-competitive service. You need to fix the service delivery before anything else.

This informative white paper explores 4 achievable techniques that you can implement within your firm that will transform the way your practice is run.

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Everything you need to manage the day to day requirements of a law firm

  • Access matter details including all matter correspondence

  • Send emails and forward documents

  • View critical dates, tasks and calendar entries

  • Find contact details for all parties on any matter

  • View location details for your appointments with integrated maps

  • View staff contact information

  • Create, edit and view time entries on any matter

  • Make timed calls directly from the matter

The only practice management software you need to run a law firm

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